You're making an important environmental impact by returning your cartridges for reuse. Shipping your cartridges with a prepaid shipping label will make your impact even more significant. Downloading a label instead of ordering a new recycling box will prevent the generation of 2 tons of greenhouse gases.* It would take more than 50 young trees 10 years to capture all the carbon dioxide generated by the manufacture and shipment of that one recycling box.**
*The manufacture of one, 2.8 pound unbleached corrugated cardboard box comprised of 52% recycled content will generate 6 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent (Paper Calculator 3.1, Environmental Paper Network, Shipment of that box to the customer on a UPS truck weighing 19,500 pounds ("Workhorse Delivers UPS Its First New Fuel Efficient W62 Gas Chassis," WebWire, from the box manufacturer to the customer will average 1,100 miles and will generate 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide (Shipper Logistics Model, US EPA SmartWay Transport, **2.203 tons of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 51.2 tree seedlings grown for 10 years (US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator,